Oct 14, 2010

cinema : sammy's adventures

hmm...ini ialah cerita katun..cute sgt..penyu dan journey mencari will be nice if we watch in 3D version but a bit expensive la cket the ticket price..anyway, enjoy aje plot citernye wlupun sometimes terase seperti nak tdo je...hihi..

ololo....cute sangat...

for those yang rase2 nak tgk katun..go n watch this..

"Sammy's Adventures" however is a good film for you to educate people about issues such as illegal whaling, ocean pollution due to oil spills and ocean littering, and at the same time it tries to inform you (with not much subtlety) about the existence of animal shelters and various efforts to save the ocean throughout the years. The animation itself is breathtaking (especially the underwater scenes) and the soundtrack that comes with it consists of some great classic songs. - dipetik dari cinema online..

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